Floret Slitherlink

Here is a new Slitherlink puzzle for you to try. This puzzle is based on Floret Pentagonal Tiling, which was suggested to me by Danny Sichel. The additional clue styles (ampersand and dollar sign) were inspired by David Millar’s excellent “Area 51” puzzles, which you’ll find at The Griddle. If you like this puzzle, you can download six of them here.

Floret Slitherlink

Fill in some of the dotted line segments to form a meandering path that forms a single loop. The path does not cross itself, branch, or touch itself at corners. The numbers indicate how many line segments surround each cell. Empty cells may be surrounded by any number of line segments.

A dollar sign ($) indicates the cell is inside the loop. An ampersand (&) indicates the cell is outside the loop.

There is one unique solution, and you should be able to find it without guessing. You may find it helpful to mark segments that cannot be filled in.

  • Rajesh Kumar says:

    Great Puzzle. I always liked puzzles from Krazydad. Looking forward for more such puzzles.

  • David Millar says:

    The different logic from the 5-sided cells really threw me at first. Once I got the hang of that, my brain (possibly from lack of sleep) forgot about normal sudoku rules, so that made it a bit more challenging. Overall, though, a really good and satisfying puzzle. I’m excited for when you’re able to implement corral style clues and come up with some real toughies!

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