6/9 Flip Slithery Sum Sudoku

Jim of KrazyDad.com fame suggested I kick off this blog with an inaugural post to set some sort of direction for it. What I envisioned is being able to provide a venue for established puzzle authors and occasional authors or newcomers to mix it up and just have a place to post puzzles and share them with an audience. That’s what I wanted when I started The Griddle 6 years ago, when a friend helped me get hosting and start fleshing out the site with content and code so that I could share the puzzles I’d made for friends, classmates, and teachers with a whole new audience.

So I guess that’s where I’m coming from as far as the spirit of the blog. As far as actual content and style, I envisioned something more like what Thomas Snyder, Palmer Mebane, and Grant Fikes do, with straight up puzzles, and maybe a bit of editorial commentary here and there. In fact, this puzzle is inspired by puzzle variations seen in motris’s blog, as well as a hybrid type I’ve posted on The Griddle and in Sudoku Xtra in the past. It’s a 6/9 Flip Slithery Sum Sudoku, which is a mouthful.

In this puzzle, simultaneously solve the slitherlink puzzle on the left and the latin square on the right (using digits 4 through 9). As you solve the slitherlink, overlay the loop on the latin square, and it will divide the grid into multi-digit numbers that sum to the totals given. Unlike my previous SSS puzzles, this one has an additional twist where every 6 used for across numbers is a 9 in down numbers, and vice versa.

6/9 Flip Slithery Sum Sudoku

I’ll still primarily post my puzzles on The Griddle, but I encourage puzzle enthusiasts everywhere to keep tabs on Perplexible. And if you make puzzles and need a place to share them with the puzzle world, you’re more than welcome to join us here.

  • David Ashby says:

    Hello, I designed a series of puzzles that I would greatly enjoy sharing with the world but lack programming and website creation knowledge. If I send you some puzzles would you be willing to inspect them to see if they are worthy for your website? Otherwise, these puzzles would most likely sit around collecting dust and that would be a shame.I intended them to be learning tools for my nieces and nephews. They enjoyed them but have since moved on. Thank you kindly, David Ashby

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