Fillomino Borders

Fillomino Borders. Divide the grid into regions (polyominoes) such that no two regions with the same size touch orthogonally, and put a number in each cell describing the area of the region it is contained in. Additionally, some clues appear:
– Inequality signs must be satisfied by the numbers in the corresponding two cells pointed by the signs.
– Black circles indicate that one of the numbers among the two cells a circle touches is exactly twice the other number. (Kropki circles)
However, the converse doesn’t apply; not necessarily all inequality signs and black circles that can appear are present.

Answer key: Enter the contents of the eighth row (counting from top, describing from left to right), followed by a comma, followed by the contents of the eighth column (counting from left, describing from top to bottom). Only enter the units digit (the last digit) of each cell; for example, for a 10, enter 0.

Puzzle 2: Fillomino Borders

Puzzle 2: Fillomino Borders

A new year special of course, with the 2013-1-1 theme. But apparently it’s missed by one of my blog’s solvers. Ya, I forgot to schedule this post for Perplexible, I only remembered to schedule for my blog šŸ˜›

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