Unique Clues Tapa

Welp. I was going to call this one Mystery Tapa but then I saw GMPuzzles’ Sunday Surprise posted yesterday. What a coincidence. I started making this one last Thursday, before knowing anything about any upcoming Sunday Surprises anywhere.

Mystery Tapa 1


  • Regular Tapa rules apply.
  • Question marks represent nonzero integers.
  • Asterisks are wildcards: they represent a nonzero amount of question marks.
  • No clue may appear multiple times, hence the name.

Gah, this puzzle took a lot of wrangling to make it work. I gave up on having a symmetric clue pattern.

    • hagriddler says:

      Very nice puzzle ArDeej !

      At first glance I thought that the asterisks were merely ‘fillers’, only stating that those cells cannot be filled (and that at least 1 neighbour should be filled), but they play (of course) play a much bigger role.

      Those asterisks combined with the unique clue rule set up a lot of interesting deductions !

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