TSLI / Heyawake

I’m not sure if today’s puzzle enritely qualifies as a double, since one puzzle uses numbers while the other doesn’t.

TSLI is a LITS variant. TSLI is to LITS as Pata is to Tapa, hence the naming.

I actually made the TSLI first, and as an afterthought decided to make a Heyawake with the same grid. It’s the first Heyawake I’ve made, and considering how much trouble I have solving Heyawakes, it turned out surprisingly good.



TSLI rules:

  • Shade some cells to form a continuous wall that contains no 2×2 squares of shaded cells.
  • Each region contains exactly four unshaded cells, and they must form an L, I, T or S tetromino. Tetrominoes of the same shape may not share an edge.


Heyawake 1

Heyawake rules:

  • A region’s clue tells exactly how many shaded cells it contains. Unclued regions may have any number of shaded cells (including zero).
  • Two shaded cells may not share an edge.
  • The unshaded cells must form a single, continuous polyomino.
  • No continuous line of unshaded cells may pass over two or more region borders.
  • To clarify the last rule, the scenario below is illegal, but the one below it legal.



EDIT: Turns out both puzzles were broken, both had slight ambiguities. That’s what happens when I make puzzles while delirious with fever, and have no test-solvers to boot…

The fix isn’t elegant, but I like the rest of the TSLI too much to completely retool the lower left corner. The Heyawake was reclued too.

(The dot means that the cell is unshaded.)

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