Treasure Field

A friend came up with the rules, and I made this.

Treasure Field 1


  • Place a treasure chest in every row and column. Two chests may not share an edge, but they may touch by corners.
  • A clue with an arrow points to the direction of the nearest chest . Two arrows mean there are two chests equidistant to the clue in the directions the two arrows point to.
  • The distance metric used is Manhattan distance.
  • Additionally, the clues are unambiguous: from the clue’s perspective, the nearest chest can’t lie on a diagonal (or the clue itself).

To help clarify the rules, here’s the solution to the puzzle my friend made, with the clue arrows colour-coded according to which chest they hint at.

The shaded arrowless cells in the corners are empty, i.e. don’t contain treasure.

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