Star Battle / LITS

Today’s puzzle is both a LITS and a two-star Star Battle. Of the two, the LITS is definitely easier.

Star Battle~LITS 1

LITS rules:

  • Shade some cells to form a tetromino in each region.
  • Two tetrominoes of the same shape may not share an edge.
  • The shaded cells must also form a connected wall that contains no 2×2 squares of shaded cells.

Star Battle rules:

  • Place two stars in every row, column and region.
  • The stars may not touch each other, even by corners.
  • TheSubro says:

    Strangely, for me the star battle took no time, and I kept messing up the LITS. Its probably because I lucked out and ran out one sorta bifurcation on the star battle and it was the key to it all and it broke immediately. Go figure. On the LITS, I kept repeating a mistaken assumption 2 or 3 times. Ugh. Great puzzles lately. Thanks.


    • ArDeeJ says:

      Out of curiosity, what was your key step to the Star Battle?

      When constructing, the LITS had priority, after which there was a lot of tweaking, nudging and remaking sections entirely to ensure the Star Battle had a unique solution, so it makes sense that there’d be some shortcut in the Star Battle I ignored. Or I simply misjudged the difficulties because I was tired.

      It’s so nice to know there’s someone solving my puzzles, and liking them to boot! Thanks for letting me know 🙂

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