Hai everyone!

I haven’t seen any puzzles like this before, do comment if you have.

Lasers 1

Outside the grid are laser emitters, marked with > .

The goal is to place mirrors inside the grid, according to the rules:

A mirror is  placed diagonally inside a tile, reflecting the laser that hits it by 90 degrees (or pi/2 rad, if that’s your thing). The mirrors are double-sided, both sides reflect.

The numbered tiles tell both how many lasers pass through that tile and how many mirrors are adjacent to that tile (Minesweeper style).

Every mirror is hinted by a number; there are no hidden mirrors. Also, the mirrors may not be placed on numbers.

Every mirror must be hit by at least one laser.

Every laser must pass through at least one number. Lasers may not hit laser emitters.

Hopefully the rules are comprehendable!

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