Double LITS

Whoops, sorry for the break in posting. University and whatnot.

Here’s a LITS variant: every region has two tetrominoes, instead of one. Other puzzles of this type seem to not allow tetrominoes in the same region to touch each other, but that restriction isn’t at play here.

Double LITS 1

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  • Shade some cells to form two tetrominoes in each region.
  • Two tetrominoes of the same shape may not share an edge.
  • The shaded cells must also form a connected wall that contains no 2×2 squares of shaded cells.
  • Nikolai says:

    Excellent puzzle, thanks 🙂

    The third region in the top row was deliciously tricky. I got lost for a little while in the middle of the solve, but then I figured that one out and everything flowed smoothly after that. Also, great use of connectivity near the end 🙂

    • ArDeeJ says:

      Glad you liked it! Given how most of the regions are size 12, as was the theme, (rot 13’d) vg yrnirf bayl sbhe oynax pryyf va rnpu ertvba: svthevat bhg jurer gur oynaxf zhfg or va beqre gb oernx nal cbgragvny fdhnerf vf hfrq n ybg va gur chmmyr. V jnf jbeevrq gung gung ertvba jnf n yvggyr gbb ovshepngvir, ohg vg’f avpr gb xabj lbh yvxrq vg!

  • TheSubro says:

    Great puzzle from start to finish. Thanks so much!

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