Alternating Liars Masyu

Today’s puzzle is the second in an apparent series; that is, a series of not-quite-symmetrically clued Masyu variants. Here’s the first one, and it’s probably the harder of the two, at least if you’re trying to prove uniqueness. I quite like these both, which is why I’m publishing them in their faulty-symmetric glory. There’s also 6×6 starter, which showcases why I didn’t bother with colour antisymmetry.

Alternating Liars Masyu 1

Alternating Liars Masyu 2


  • Draw a single non-self-intersecting loop that runs through the centers of the cells and visits all pearls.
  • On black pearls the loop must make a right turn, and the loop must go straight through the cells before and after the pearl.
  • On white pearls the loop goes straight through, and the loop must make a right turn on at least one of the cells before and after the pearl.
  • Additionally, every other pearl the loop passes through is a liar: that is, a white liar pearl acts as a black pearl, and vice versa.

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