Add-In Circle Puzzles 1-3

This logical addition puzzle was designed to teach children strategy and to think “out-side the box”. In this case the box is round. The goal is to discover the center number by adding the four numbers that surround the center circle, but to determine those four numbers it is easier to start near the outermost rings and fill in empty slots where you know two or three of the numbers already. There is no guessing to these puzzles. All of them can be sorted through logically and methodically. I estimate each of these puzzles can be completed in 10 minutes or less. Have fun.

PNG Version
PDF Version
  • Cool! I like the idea a lot. There’s some nice combinations of strategies (working backwards, looking at extreme cases, occasionally some sort of algebraic thinking) that make these great for the classroom. These are too hard for a lot of students to get started with, though, so I’ve started writing a few that are more accessible to beginners — I’ll share them with David Millar and see where it goes from there.

  • Tawnie says:

    Do you know where I can get more if these add-in circle puzzles? There fun and my kids really enjoyed them.

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