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Slither Tapa

Slither Tapa plays like a mix of Slitherlink and Tapa. The continuous area inside the slither is shaded. Unshaded numbers are Tapa clues, shaded numbers are Slitherlink clues.

EDIT: Apparently also known as Tapa Rundweg or Loop Tapa (but not to be confused with Tapa Loop… :p).

Slither Tapa 1

Slither Tapa 2

They may not be that hard but I had fun making them.

Archive for the ‘Tapa’ Category:

Slither Tapa

One more! 😀


This time, Tapa puzzles! I quite like them, I’d describe Tapas as a mix of nonograms and minesweepers. See the link for instructions.


Tap DIfferently 1

Here’s a slight variant. Plays like Tapa, but with added restrictions:

– Every column must have a different amount of filled tiles

– Every row must have a different amount of filled tiles

That doesn’t mean a row and a column can’t have the same amount of filled tiles.

(This variant is called Tap Differently in the puzzle app mentioned in my previous post.)


Now for the main course. I don’t know if this variation is unique but I haven’t seen any before. I’ve named them Yin Yang Tapas. (Feel free to suggest a better name in the comments.)


Yin Yang Tapa 1

It’s a stronger variation on Tapa. Now even the numbered tiles may be filled!

– If a numbered tile is not filled, it tells you the amount of filled tiles around it, like Tapa.

– However, if a numbered tile is filled, it tells you the amount of empty tiles around it.

Otherwise it follows the rules of Tapa: that is, there are no 2×2 squares of filled tiles and the filled area is continuous.


Yin Yang Tapa 2

Here’s a 7×7 one.


Neither are particularly hard. In any case, here’s the solution to the 5×5 Yin Yang Tapa, if you want to check that you understood the rules. Viewer discretion advised.