Mirror, Mirror… Wherefore art thou, mirror?

I was recently chatting with Dr. David Nacin, a fellow puzzle enthusiast who has taken a keen interest in solving, studying, and sharing my Haunted Mirror Maze puzzles. For the uninitiated, Haunted Mirror Maze puzzles present a top-down view of a hall of mirrors. The mirrors are aligned to a grid, and empty spaces must be filled with some number of vampires, ghosts, and zombies. However, Dr. Nacin relayed a query he received in the course of sharing the puzzles:

An interesting idea. Someone asked if the mirror squares were always given in the monster maze puzzles.


Arrow Inequality Odd Even Skycraper Shape Sudoku

Interested in the camaraderie of solving the daily crossword puzzle in the newspaper, but hate words and love numbers? There’s a Facebook group for you.

Every day, The League of Extraordinary Ladies and Gentlemen features a sudoku variant from one of a wide variety of talented sudoku authors around the world. Variants include simple changes to shapes and groups, non-standard clue types, and the occasional mathematics concept thrown into the mix.

Unable to leave well enough alone, my last puzzle for the group included a wide variety of clue types. Shaded cells are even digits, plain cells are odd digits. Circle cells are the sum of the digits along their arrows. Numbers outside the grid are skyscraper clues.


Word has it you can solve it without the skyscraper clues, but they certainly make it easier.

6/9 Flip Slithery Sum Sudoku

Jim of KrazyDad.com fame suggested I kick off this blog with an inaugural post to set some sort of direction for it. What I envisioned is being able to provide a venue for established puzzle authors and occasional authors or newcomers to mix it up and just have a place to post puzzles and share them with an audience. That’s what I wanted when I started The Griddle 6 years ago, when a friend helped me get hosting and start fleshing out the site with content and code so that I could share the puzzles I’d made for friends, classmates, and teachers with a whole new audience.

So I guess that’s where I’m coming from as far as the spirit of the blog. As far as actual content and style, I envisioned something more like what Thomas Snyder, Palmer Mebane, and Grant Fikes do, with straight up puzzles, and maybe a bit of editorial commentary here and there. In fact, this puzzle is inspired by puzzle variations seen in motris’s blog, as well as a hybrid type I’ve posted on The Griddle and in Sudoku Xtra in the past. It’s a 6/9 Flip Slithery Sum Sudoku, which is a mouthful.



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