Skyscrapers Snake

The hardest part about this puzzle is probably the break-in.

Skyscrapers Snake 1a


  • Shade some cells to form a snake, an orthogonally connected non-branching path of cells.
  • The snake doesn’t touch itself orthogonally. That is, if you numbered the cells of the snake from head to tail, the only shaded cells directly adjacent to a shaded cell would be the next and previous cells in sequence. However, touching by corners is okay.
  •  The numbers outside the grid act as Skyscrapers clues:
    • On a row/column, a segment of n shaded cells is taken to be a skyscraper of height n.
    • A skyscraper blocks visibility of any other skyscraper behind it that’s not taller.
    • Looking from the clue’s direction, a clue tells the amount of visible skyscrapers on its row/column.

Notice that unlike in Finnish Snake, the head, tail and length of the snake aren’t given, and the snake can touch itself diagonally.

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