Crypto Regional Yajilin

I figured it’s been long enough since I last posted a puzzle here. I made this one sometime in the autumn, and revised it a few months ago. I quite like it.

The size is an odd 13×14 to accommodate the herringbone pattern running on the diagonal, and I wanted the clue positions in the pattern to be rotationally symmetric.

Crypto Regional Yajilin 1 final


  • The clue numbers have been encrypted: same letters stand for the same number, different letters stand for different numbers.
  • Decipher the numbers and solve the resulting Regional Yajilin:
    • Draw a loop passing through some of the cells. The loop passes through the centers of cells and turns orthogonally.
    • The clue number of a region tells how many unvisited cells there are in that region. An unclued region may have any number of unvisited cells.
    • Unvisited cells can’t be directly adjacent to each other, but touching by corners is fine.

Some bifurcation is needed.