Liar Futoshiki

It’s pretty much what it says in the title. I like this one.

Liar Futoshiki 1


  • Fill in the numbers 1-5 each row and column such that the inequalities hold.
  • Additionally, every row and column has one liar cell. The inequalities involving these cells are false.

Hall Of Mirrors

This is a puzzle I made about a month ago. It’s one of the few puzzles I feel I actually constructed, as opposed to just browsing the shelves of the Puzzle Library of Babel, trying layouts and seeing what works out.

I set out to make a harder version of Hitori. I’m not quite sure whether the puzzle successful or not, as it isn’t that hard. Adding blank cells as givens might improve the puzzle.

Hall Of Mirrors 1


  • Place mirrors in some of the cells such that no two equal numbers see each other.
  • The mirrors are right triangles such that the hypotenuse cuts a cell in half diagonally.
  • A mirror in a cell doesn’t obscure the number it’s on: if the hypotenuse can be seen, the number can also be seen.
  • As in Hitori, two cells with mirrors can’t be orthogonally adjacent, and the empty cells must form a single polyomino.

I hope I was clear with the rules.