Welp, haven’t made anything in a while. Anyways, I found these while going through my puzzle excels. There were more, but they were broken and I didn’t feel like fixing them.

I like using blank cells as givens with Snail puzzles.

Snail 1

Snail 2

Snail 3


EDIT: Here’s a 4th one. I wanted to make one with only blank givens, but couldn’t make a good enough puzzle yesterday. The tetromino theme is an added plus.

Snail 4


  • Fill in some numbers such that every number in the range (here 1 to 3) appears once in every row and column.
  • Additionally, starting from the tail of the snail (the top-left corner) and following the spiral, the numbers must be in sequence: here 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, …
  • Cells with • in them are blank.

The puzzles are in no particular order.