Ice Barn

My solving skills had been stagnant for some time. Truth be told, I was getting slower with puzzle types which require speedy pattern recognition, like sudoku. Rather than fight what is likely age with practice, I decided to improve on the harder end of the spectrum. I took up writing puzzle fragments, as a way to learn things I had been missing as a solver. Eventually, the fragments turned into full puzzles, and I grew to love writing as much as solving. Obscure Japanese types come easier to me, so I am sharing one of those with Perplexible. You can find more half-decent puzzles I write on my blog. And in case you’re wondering, yes, my solving has gotten better with writing.

Draw a path from IN to OUT, visiting all 5 ice barns (the blue regions) along the way. Out in the field, the path can turn freely, but cannot cross or otherwise touch itself. Inside ice barns, the situation is reversed: your path can cross freely, but you cannot turn at all. Parts of your path are given, as well as the direction in which you walk over them. Enjoy.